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When it‘s time to say goodbye to a much loved pet, it’s helpful to have considered the options beforehand as this is often a very emotional time.


We understand that it is very important that pets are calm and relaxed, and this often means that they are at home in familiar surroundings.  We are happy to arrange home visits for euthanasia.  Alternatively some clients would prefer to come the surgery, and we can arrange a time when the surgery is likely to be quiet.

Euthanasia involves injection of very concentrated anaesthetic into a vein in the leg.  Anxious pets may be sedated first.

Many clients will want to stay with their pet while euthanasia is performed, while others would prefer to leave the room and have a nurse hold the dog or cat.  We take as much time as is required, and all know from personal experience how painful this time can be.  Afterwards clients may remain with their pet for as long as they need to.

The pets’ body may be removed by the client for burial at home, or we can arrange for cremation by Elysian Fields Pet Crematorium.  If cremation is chosen, the ashes may be scattered by the crematorium or can be returned in a box, casket or urn.     

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