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Lifestage Diets


Royal Canin diets provide precise nutritional solutions to your pet's needs. Each product is based on extensive knowledge of cats and dogs, gained through years of studies at the Royal Canin centre, partnerships with leading veterinary schools and universities, and continued input from veterinarians and breeders worldwide. Royal Canin are constantly expanding and improving on this knowledge in order to keep providing pets with food that meets their exact dietary requirements.

Two Rivers Veterinary Practice recommends Royal Canin Lifestage Diets as one food doesn't suit all. The company take into account age, activity, breed, size and lifestyle when creating their diets, and were the first to do so. In 1980 they were the first to introduce specific diets for large breed puppies, in 1997 were the first to meet the different nutritional needs of small, medium and large breeds of dog, and in 1999 launched the first food for a specific breed of cat, formulated for the unique dietary needs of Persians. Today, they continue to innovate, and you'll find the latest releases from Royal Canin and further information on their website.  Royal Canin Lifestage Diets are only available from vets. This way, you can be sure that you are getting the right advice and exactly the right diet for your cat or dog.


Royal Canin Lifestage Diets for Dogs

Veterinary exclusive Lifestage Diets are tailored to your dog, whatever his size or stage in life. Diets are designed to meet the specific needs of un-neutered or neutered dogs, and breed-specific foods are available for 17 breeds of dog.



Royal Canin Lifestage Diets for Cats

Veterinary exclusive Lifestage diets designed to meet the specific needs of un-neutered and neutered cats.  Breed-specific diets are a response to the unique characteristics of Persian, Maine Coon and Siamese cats.



Royal Canin Clinical Diets

Royal Canin clinical diets are formulated for the nutritional support of dogs and cats with specific clinical conditions and are designed to be used under the advice of veterinary surgeons. At Two Rivers Vets we use these specially formulated diets for dogs and cats with problems such as obesity, renal disease, cardiac disease, intestinal sensitivity and hepatic disease, and feel that in conjunction with other prescribed medications they make a big contribution to the pets' well-being.

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At Two Rivers Vets we stock a large range of Royal Canin Lifestage and Clinical Diets, and are able to order any of the complete range for you. Most types of food come in dry and wet (tins or pouches) varieties.
Please call into the surgery at any time to discuss your pets nutritional requirements or have your pet weighed. Our qualified Veterinary Nurses can offer advice, or can arrange for you to speak to a Vet about your pet.

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