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Pet Insurance

Two Rivers Veterinary Practice strongly recommends that all pet and horse owners consider taking out an insurance policy to cover the costs of veterinary treatment for their animal.  Many policies also help cover the costs of complementary treatment, advertising and rewards if a pet or horse is lost or stolen, boarding fees if you are hospitalised, quarantine expenses, and provide third party liability cover.

Why should I insure my pet?
With huge advances in veterinary diagnostics and treatments over the last 10 years, many conditions that were previously considered inoperable or too difficult to manage can now be successfully treated Calm dogin both general practice and in referral centres.  The costs of advanced veterinary treatment can be similar to those incurred doctors’ surgeries and hospitals, except that there is no NHS for animals!  It is heart-breaking to have to turn down potentially life-saving treatment for a much-loved dog or cat just because of the costs involved.
Even if a pet does not need very advanced treatment, surgery for a fractured leg or foreign body in the stomach can easily reach £1000 or more.  Many dogs and cats end up on long-term treatment to control conditions such as osteoarthritis, heart disease, skin disease, diabetes and thyroid disease, with medications and check-ups coming to hundreds of pounds each year.   

jumperWhy should I insure my horse?
Horse insurance covers illness such as colic or respiratory disease, injury such as tendon problems or wounds, and lameness including navicular disease, arthritis and back problems.  A lameness investigation involving xrays and nerve blocks or repeat visits for a horse with colic can quickly add up, and if a horse needs to be referred for colic surgery or arthroscopy the bill can easily reach £3000.

Horse insurance will also cover death of the horse through illness or injury, particularly important for valuable competition animals.

Are all policies the same?
The answer is no, definitely not!  It’s very important to get quotes from several pet insurance companies, and find out exactly what the policy includes.

Questions to ask:    

  • Is the policy a life-time policy or is it time-limited for each condition?
  • What is the maximum payable per condition or per year?
  • How much is the policy excess?
  • Are there any exclusions (eg dental treatment, prescribed pet foods, home visits, pregnancy)?
  • Are hereditary conditions (such as hip dysplasia or heart defects) covered?
  • Do premiums increase as the animal gets older?

Please telephone the surgery if you need more information about pet or horse insurance or call in to discuss specific requirements for your animal.  We provide free insurance for all puppies and kittens coming for initial vaccinations with Pet Plan Pet Insurance.  

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